Euro 2024 ball to include ‘microchip’ to identify hand touches and offside positions


The official ball for Euro 2024 will reportedly include a ‘microchip’ which will identify handball touches and offside positions.

For the past few seasons, hand touches and offside positions have been the two things that have been discussed the most among the sports community.

Now ahead of the tournament in Germany, it has been reported that the Adidas ball will include a new technology.

“The microchip will work alongside limb-tracking technology that enables the creation of real-time 3D visual representations of players’ skeletons,” a source told The Times.

“These devices allow the VAR to create a computer image that shows exactly where the ball hit the body.”


“The microchip inside the Adidas ball will allow the technology to determine the exact time the ball was struck, which, together with the limb tracking cameras, will deliver extremely accurate offside decisions.”

The report also adds that judges who have seen the new technology in action have been amazed by the level of accuracy.

We remind you that Euro 2024 will take place in various German cities from June 14 to July 14, while the final will take place in Berlin.