AI predicts what Ronaldo and Messi will look like in 2042 – The results are ‘scary’


An Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist has predicted what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will look like in 2042, and while the results are fascinating, they make us feel older.

The two football icons have shared the stage for 15 years in a duel to prove who is the best in the world, as Luka Modric was the player to end their 10-year Ballon d’Or dominance in 2018.

The pair are continuing in top form in the Saudi League and MLS respectively, leading us to believe that they will continue this form until retirement.

It is difficult for any football fan to imagine this sport without Ronaldo and Messi. Their retirement does not necessarily mean that they will leave football forever, but it will close a magical chapter in its history.

What if they decide to pursue a coaching career? Ronaldo hinted that such a thing could happen in an interview in 2019.


“I don’t exclude this possibility”, Ronaldo told ICON when asked if he will continue his career as a coach after retirement.

On the other hand, Messi’s plans after football are still unknown. Even though he has suggested that he would be interested in taking on the role of sports director at a club.

In 2042, Ronaldo will be 56 years old while Messi will be 54. But according to AI, they won’t look that old compared to their age.

Messi seems to be getting rid of his beard for good, while for both we are noticing gray hair, something that is natural at that age.