“I don’t know the rules” – Gabriel Jesus talks about the controversial case where Arsenal were denied a penalty

Arsenal have suffered their second defeat this season in the Premier League, after they were defeated by Aston Villa on the road with a score of 1-0.

There was a controversial case where Arsenal fans reacted to being denied a penalty after Douglas Luiz’s handball inside the box.

However, Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus has said that he does not know the rules even though he felt a hand touch.

“I felt a touch, but I don’t know the rules, so maybe it’s not a penalty for them. I can’t do anything, I felt that someone touched me and it’s their decision anyway”.

“I don’t know if the goal is clear. We don’t know we just have to accept it and focus on the next game and then maybe we can make some better decisions,” said the Brazilian striker.

Jesus thinks that the team played well despite the loss suffered.

“Well, I think we played better than the last game even though we won. I think we controlled the game, but we conceded the goal early and then the game can go in a different way.”

“We played well. They have a good team, good players, they play amazingly and you can see it. I think we could have won the match, but now we focus on the next match”, declared the Brazilian striker.