Mourinho Would Insist on Real Madrid, Player Plus Cash Deal for De Gea

The news that broke yesterday, whereby speculation was suggesting that David de Gea had instructed his agent to make a move to Real Madrid happen, was disappointing.

But, if that is de Gea`s wish then my belief is that a deal should be done, there`s no point in keeping an unhappy player at the club.

However, it seems that if Real Madrid are to secure the services of de Gea then it looks as if Manchester United are set to drive a hard bargain.

Lurking in the media, courtesy of the Express, is that if Jose Mourinho is to be forced into business with Real Madrid, he`ll want one of their players in return as part of the deal.

According to our referenced source the player Mourinho has his eyes on is a familiar target, that of the defender Raphael Varane.

If that were to be the case, would any deal get your seal of approval?