Video: Teammates and the whole stadium sings: Kante stopped Leo Messi!

N’Golo Kante had a special night last night in France’s victory over the Netherlands, the team-mates and the entire stadium sang the famous song.

It’s no secret that Chelsea midfielder is too humble and shy, he has not even asked for the World Cup trophy, which France won this summer in Russia to make a picture, one of his teammates gave him the trophy to him to make a photo.

Yesterday, France played the first home game since the end of the World Cup while defeating Netherlands 2-1 within the League of Nations. After this match, “Les Bleus” made a parade with the World Cup trophy.

Later, French players gather around the 27-year-old and sang the song: “N’Golo Kante, lalala party, he is short, he is charming, he stopped Leo Messi, but we all know he is a deceiver, N’Golo Kante “.