Barcelona project for the reconstruction of the stadium “Cam Nou” – Name, cost, renovation period, how much the team will play abroad and everything else


Barcelona presented on Wednesday the plans which, if ratified by the members, we will see a major redevelopment of the “Camp Nou” and the surrounding area, which will take four years to complete, while the team will spend a season running played away from their traditional home.

The “Espai Barca” project also includes the sale of stadium name rights and the club has revealed that they are in discussions with various potential partners for deals ranging from 10 to 20 years.

Play away from “Camp Nou”

The modernization of Camp Nou is expected to be completed in 2025, while there are no set dates for other facilities, which will include an office, a hotel, a multi-sport range and a training center.


In the first year of work, Barcelona’s first team would continue to play in the stadium, albeit with a partial closure, then in the second they would have to play elsewhere, before returning to the third year and fourth, again, with some sections closed.


Economic cost

Barcelona members are being asked to support the board’s proposal to seek a loan of up to 1.5 billion euros for the project, however, the club believes the renovated space will eventually pay for itself thanks to increased commercial revenue.

Joan Laporta and his board believe this is not an expense as it is an investment in the future of the club, something they believe was too late as other clubs have left them behind with more modern stadiums.

Real Madrid, Espanyol, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao are Spanish clubs with more modern stadiums than Barcelona, ​​and Blaugrana CEO Ferran Reverter has explained that they are among the 67 stadiums in Europe that are more modern than the Camp Nou.

Name rights

The club hopes the sale of the stadium name rights will also help pay off the project faster.

Reverter believes that in general “Espai Barca” will provide at least 200 million euros of additional income to the club each year, maybe even double that depending on the name rights.