Horror intervention, Marcelo breaks his opponent’s leg and bursts into tears


A serious incident happened in the Copa Libertadores match between Argentios Juniors and Fluminense.

The absolute protagonist in this challenge was Brazilian footballer Marcelo, who broke the leg of opposing defender Luciano Sanchez.

It was the 57th minute of the match, when the former Brazilian footballer made a horrible tackle on the opponent, where even though he had the ball in his possession, he stepped on it and broke his leg.

Immediately after he stepped on it, Marcelo realized the injury he caused and asked to stop the game to help the opposing player.

After seeing the opponent’s leg, Marcelo burst into tears and there was no dispute with the red card.


In fact, it is clear from the footage that Marcelo’s intervention was unintentional and the player could not stop the tears for the serious injury he caused the opponent.

“Today I had to spend a very difficult moment on the field. I accidentally hurt a colleague. I want to wish Luciano Sanchez the best possible recovery. May the strength of the whole world be with you”, wrote Marcelo on his Instagram profile.