Man Utd fans plan protests to make it clear they don’t want Greenwood back

A group of female Manchester United fans are planning a series of protests against Mason Greenwood’s potential re-integration into the first team.

The 21-year-old striker remains suspended by the Premier League club and has not trained with the first team, or been available to play, since he was first arrested in January 2022.

All charges against him were dropped in early February after key witnesses retracted their involvement in the case and new material came to light during the police investigation.

Greenwood was charged with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behavior and assault.

A decision on whether Greenwood will play for Manchester United this season is expected to be made very soon after an internal investigation into his conduct.

Meanwhile, a number of protesters who are regular match-goers will make their voices heard on Monday ahead of the season opener against Wolves.

They intend to gather at the Holy Trinity statue outside Old Trafford before kick-off and will hold a placard reading: “Women fans don’t want Greenwood back – End violence against women”.

In a statement on their Twitter page, the group ‘female fans against Greenwood’s comeback’ also made their feelings about the situation clear.

“One thing I’ve been really proud of is how united the game fan base has been on this issue.”

‚ÄúThere’s potentially a bit of a divide with the online fan base, who have been more supportive of Greenwood. But there seems to be a real unity among fans who go to matches. The nature of the audio means that people are really united in being outraged and disgusted by it,” the statement said.