New images emerge from the scandal that has caused Rubiales – this is seen as his downfall


While Jenni Hermoso’s testimony that she refused to be kissed by the president of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales during the World Cup celebrations, other evidence has been uncovered to corroborate her story.

On Saturday, Spain’s highest football body issued a statement in support of their head and claiming they had evidence to support the legal claims against Hermoso.

The Spanish striker had claimed that at no time did she try to approach Rubiales, as he said, and at no time was there a conversation between the two as the latter claimed.

The suspended president claimed that Hermoso gave her permission to kiss her and lifted her off her feet as part of their embrace.

During that testimony, screenshots were released that appeared to show the Spanish president pulling away from the attacker as Rubiales claimed.


However, a video has come to light from the opposite angle of the event, where it can be seen that it is Rubiales who grabbed him by the neck and shoulders and lifted his legs. That would throw off the story he has built.

The issue is threatening to become more and more serious for Rubiales. Legal proceedings have been opened against him by the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office, while the Ministry of Sports has opened proceedings against him, requesting a suspension from 2 to 15 years.

This is of course on top of the 90-day FIFA suspension he has already received.!!! Learn More ⇩