How Enrique drove the Italian star, Verratti from PSG with one sentence: You are everything I hate in footballers


Luis Enrique’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain this summer was expected to clean up the squad and the biggest surprise was when he snapped up one of the club’s three longest-serving players, Marco Verratti.

The French revealed the content of the unpleasant and direct conversation that Luis Enrique had with Verratti after his arrival at the club.

“You are the prototype of everything I hate in footballers”, the Spaniard told him, letting him understand that he was not welcome.

It’s clear that Enrique didn’t even care about the experienced midfielder’s undisputed qualities, but immediately dropped him due to his lack of professionalism, lifestyle and influence in the dressing room.


Namely, during his 11 years in Paris, Verratti was often recognized for his frequent activities in the Paris nightlife, and Enrique knew this and did not want to waste time with him.

In the end, Verratti went to Qatar for 45 million euros and thus helped the club get the money with which to adjust the financial books.

Let’s remember, in addition to Verratti, in the same summer, Leo Messi, Sergio Ramos, Neymar, Abdou Diallo, Renato Sanches also left the Park of the Princes…