Guardiola has big words for Chelsea: A strong team, everyone has a hard time with them

Chelsea and Manchester City have had the best match this season and not only in the Premier League.

On Sunday night, the two English giants met at Stamford Bridges and in the end tied after eight goals scored 4-4.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has said that Chelsea are a strong team and they have faced many big teams in a fantastic way.

“Chelsea is a very good team, so there is no doubt,” said Guardiola.

“Liverpool couldn’t win at Stamford Bridge. They were much, much better than Arsenal and in the end, the Gunners drew.”

“So, you know, it’s Chelsea, they’re never going to leave the ranks of the big teams. I always have to think about what we can do to improve. It’s not going to happen that we come here and win 7-0.”

“Chelsea is trying to rebuild and we have no complaints about this draw”, said the Spanish coach of Manchester City after the match.

The Blues are now in 10th position in the table, while City are first with a 12 point difference.